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NDIS Option 2

I don’t currently receive disability support from my state or territory government. I am aged between 7 and 64 years old.

  • Contact your nearest LAC Partner, which in WA will be APM or Mission Australia
  • A LAC can connect you to services, supports and activities in your community and other government services. For many people this is all the support you may need.
  • If you have additional disability support needs, you may be eligible for the NDIS. Your LAC or the NDIA can support you to make an access request.


What if I need help to make an access request?

If you have a legally-appointed representative, they can support you or make an access request on your behalf. If you do not have a legally authorised representative, you may ask a support person such as a family member, friend or support worker to help you. However, you will need to provide permission for your support person to make an access request on your behalf.

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